No practice Sunday March 25, 2018

Due to the NERVA 2 tournament, there is no practice on Sunday March 25, 2018. 

Practice today 2/25/18 will be determined on a team by team basis

Yes, we have some weather coming in: 2-4 inches of snow and ice.

Please check with your coach to determine whether your practice will run. As always, even if your team has practice, If you live far away and you don't think the roads are safe, use your best judgement and please let your coach know your decision.

Team Selection is Complete

Team selections have been completed.
Please visit the Team Assignments page to check the results.

To check the information about where and when you will be practicing click on the name of your team on the Team Assignments page, or visit the Team Members page and search for your team by name.

What is a Local/Intra-Club Team?

A "Local/Intra-Club" team will practice on Sundays for 2 hours (5:00 - 7:00pm) and play matches against some of the other nearby volleyball clubs instead of travelling around New England to the NERVA tournaments. The purpose of this team is to get these players an opportunity to continue to learn and grow in their volleyball knowledge and volleyball skills. The cost for these teams is $350 for the season.
This is a new program at CRVBC whose intent is to allow us to include as many opportunities as possible for as many players as possible.

We have contacted some of the other area Clubs and will be setting up the match schedule in the near future.

What is the Training Academy?

The CRVBC 'Training Academy' is a great opportunity to learn and improve your volleyball skills using the same techniques as our national teams.  The format consists of going through skill building drills followed by playing time.  You will be coached by members of the coaching staff on a rotating basis.  Practice runs from 5:00 to 7:00 each Sunday except for Easter and Tournament days.  In addition you will learn how to referee and scorekeep.

2017-2018 Boys JO Program Cancelled

Unfortunately, although there was quite a bit of interest in playing Boys JO volleyball this season, not enough players signed up in time. So, we have cancelled the Boys program for this year. We will try again next year.

Refereeing Instruction

For all CRVBC tournament team members on the Condors and the Ospreys:
For all others, these are great training videos to refresh your memory on what you will need to know at Winterfest.
PLEASE make sure to watch the following refereeing instructional videos before next week (the 14's teams will be practicing refereeing):

  1. Junior Line Judge Clinic
  2. Officiating U-14's
  3. Junior Second Referee Clinic
  4. Juniors Signals
  5. Net and Center Line Rules
  6. Scoring Basics: Non-deciding set
  7. Libero Control
  8. Scoring Basics: Deciding set