JO Season 2016-2017 Registration Open

Registration for the CRVBC JO Volleyball Season is now open!
Please note that this year you can use PayPal to pay your fees online.

  1. Register with USA Volleyball (use our USAV Registration navigation link).
  2. Use the CRVBC Registration link to register for our JO Season. If you were a member last year, please login to your account and the go to the CRVBC Registration page.
  3. Log into our web site using your username and password from your CRVBC Registration process.
  4. Visit the Fees page and you can pay online.

We are all very excited about the upcoming season.

Good luck to everyone in the second half of your High School season.

See you soon.

What is the Training Academy?

The CRVBC 'Training Academy' is a great opportunity to learn and improve your volleyball skills using the same techniques as our national teams.  The format consists of going through skill building drills followed by playing time.  You will be coached by members of the coaching staff on a rotating basis.  Practice runs from 3:30 to 5:30 each Sunday except for Easter and Tournament days.  In addition you will learn how to referee and scorekeep.

Refereeing Instruction

For all CRVBC tournament team members on the Condors and the Ospreys:
For all others, these are great training videos to refresh your memory on what you will need to know at Winterfest.
PLEASE make sure to watch the following refereeing instructional videos before next week (the 14's teams will be practicing refereeing):

  1. Junior Line Judge Clinic
  2. Officiating U-14's
  3. Junior Second Referee Clinic
  4. Juniors Signals
  5. Net and Center Line Rules
  6. Scoring Basics: Non-deciding set
  7. Libero Control
  8. Scoring Basics: Deciding set